Business Opportunity

The BRAS Business Opportunity

  • The opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a breakthrough concept in women's health.
  • Multiple Sources of Income and Low Overhead
  • No Medical Experience Necessary
  • Individual & Team Mentoring
  • Ongoing Monthly Training
  • A Personalized Website, Including Hosting & Maintenance
  • Home-Based or Small Office Location
  • Flexibility to Work Part-time or Full-Time

BRAS Thermography is dedicated to helping women take control of their own basic preventive breast health care.


BRAS stands for Breast Research Awareness and Support. When you own your own BRAS Business, you have the unique opportunity to step into the high paying health field without the high cost and liability normally associated in this area. This one-of-a-kind concept reaches women with a series of services and products that are aimed at true breast health and ultimately breast cancer prevention.

We believe Thermography is an amazing tool to help clients learn more about their breast health – without the pain and radiation of a Mammogram.

The main thrust is educating women on the benefits of radiation-free, zero touch digital infrared thermal images (DITI), known as Thermograms.  Thermograms can warn of potential breast health problems years before a mammogram. This allows time to teach prevention techniques, provide safe breast thermography and breast health screenings, plus sell a variety of innovative natural products for breast health. Other services include diet and lifestyle modifications, nutrition and supplements, weight loss and detoxification. All information stresses a balanced program of self-examination, clinical examination, thermography and mammography. As a result, you will experience the personal satisfaction that comes from helping otherswhile enjoying the financial rewards that come from owning your own business.  


What do we provide for business owners like you?

  • The opportunity to join a passionate, dedicated team.
  • Two day training as a clinical thermographer.
  • Five day training for proprietary BRAS information and techniques, business operations, hiring and employee relations, administration, marketing, advertising, services and products, inventory and much more.
  • Initial marketing materials, advertising support, business management materials included.
  • Opening inventory.
  • Computer system to manage and control operations.
  • Monthly email newsletter for clients with special offers and information.
  • New themes and topics with teaching materials each month about breast health.
  • Protected territories and multiple location opportunities.
  • New product and service innovations for breast health.
  • High quality branded products unique to the industry.
  • Updated advertisement offerings.
  • Grand opening on site assistance.

*Note: Thermography is not a replacement for Mammography. We recommend a balanced health approach that includes both prevention and traditional medical approaches.

Thermography Scans

As a BRAS Thermographer, you can offer different types of thermography scans for your clients. All Thermograms are interpreted by board certified physicians.

Thermography - Whole Body 250px

Full Body

Useful for diagnosing overall health issues - highly recommended!

Thermography - Breast


Useful for diagnosing overall health issues - highly recommended!

Thermography - Upper Body Back 250px

Full Body

Useful for diagnosing overall health issues - highly recommended!

Thermography - Legs

Targeted Area

Useful for sports injuries or thyroid testing